February 26, 2008 4:41pm CST
my mom feel like shes is doing bad to me ause she babys me alot and im 23 yrs old and still live with mom and my son thats almost 2 yrs old i offer for me to move out but she says no she just want me to respect her and stop depending on her but truly i think she gave me the world and now shes taking it away and it hard for me to deal with but i also dont have a problem with it either so :P lol i feel like i want o mature and grow up but then if i take life to seriouse then i'll die right away and i wasit my life at like life is so important dam this key board suxs lol
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@cmofi123 (344)
• United States
7 Mar 08
LOL. I had almost the same problem with my mom, she is the type of person who wants to control you and every bit of you. At 21 years I decided to move out and she got mad at me. I moved out because she was trying to control me and she also said that I was an obstacle in her life (if you guys knew my life story, it will make you come down to tears) So I left. Now 4 years later , I'm married and I have my baby now she is all friendly and babysits my baby. I don't know probably because you have a baby she thinks that she has to guide you or protect you more. Maybe? Was she like this before you had your child?
• Canada
19 Mar 08
it hink every ones life store is bad and if we caould all make into a Book no one woudl belive us yeah she was very giving before baby and when baby came she was even more give now i do my own thing...