What is your favourite Poker Forum?

United States
February 27, 2008 2:59am CST
There are tons of poker forums out there to discuss the game, share with others and learn. Many of the forums offer Freerolls and/or buy-in events to keep members and recruit new ones. So of them even have a points contest of some sort. My favourite one is hands down Holdemradio.com the players here are some of the best I've meet (as a group on the whole) They have a points contest. They play on a few differnt sites. The forum is very active, The chat room always has people in it. The Owner is a VERY VERY good guy and cares about his members and makes it a point to help out who/when he can. Probley the best part though, is nearly every day there is private buy-in and freeroll on one of the sites! And almost all the tournaments are covered live! That's right I said live! They have a broadcast booth from Binions Casino in Las Vegas and to listen live all you do is click the "listen live" button in the top right corner of the home page. Several differnt hosts cover the tournaments, list off the top 10 in chips all the time. They cover the action that is going on at the table the host(s) are at. Nothing like hearing your name live on air! The site is free to join, free to play the freerolls, you don't have to do anyhting more then listen live the hour before the freeroll starts for the password. The buy-in tournament Passwords are accesible to any and all on the forum. The chat room is active all day, and has lots of people in it while the tournaments are going on. Lots of fun in the chat room. Like any radio they have music and you can request your favourite music in the chat room. Most tournaments have bountys on some players in the tourney these are usually provided by some of the regular players and sometimes they are worth $100, but often they are for the buy-in amount to the tourney. Sometimes the people who are boutnys are announced, other times they are mystery bountys. If you like poker forums or playing with good players, I suggest you check it out. www.Holdemradio.com They do have Referral system and would appreciate if you signed up under me, to do so please check out my profile for my website. I also have several other poker forums on my website. But no matter what happens... Have fun and Good Luck!
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