let somebody tell more about mylot earning

February 27, 2008 7:27am CST
I realy want to make some serious legitimate money online. So i want to know if mylot is paying for the comment i posted or replying other people's comment. Even if both is paying which one pays better A friend
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2 Mar 08
Someone really needs to write a step by step introduction for all us newbies or create a questions and answers thread because at the moment how mylot works is still a mystery to me. I joined up because I saw it on a list of web sites that pay for writing and as I'm a wordy and have had lots of short stories and articles published over the years I thought it might be right for me. Yet making a start is proving difficult. I'm posting replies but if I'm honest I have to admit I dont really know what I'm doing or why? If anyone wants a lot of replies maybe they would think of creating such a newbie / beginners guide?
• United States
27 Feb 08
myLot is a horrible way to make serious legitimate money. They do indeed pay. The won't reveal their exact payment model. You are paid for your participation. Most people say it is one to three cents a post, as long as they are long (three lines or more). You are supposed to make about the same for starting a discussion as for replying to one. However, you will have to work about 60 hours to get $10 here...