The Secret Bible.

February 27, 2008 4:36pm CST
recently, national geographic channel has found a way of attracting more viewers (incidentally christians) to their channel. The documentary on the Secret bible is one of these programs. Others are The Bible Uncovered nd the Lost ark. Particularly, the lost ark (which is known as the ark of the covenant) made me to put more attention to these programmes. I am wondering, like any other person, does anything in history existed like the lost ark? If it existed, why is it that archeologists werent able to find its location, or at least its reminants. Scrolls have been found, but not the ark. Or is it that the powers that surrounded the ark are still actibg on it, making people this time not to even know where it is. I think God deliberately hid the ark from the face of this wicked generation. If not so, why is it that we dont have any news about the ark. i think its high time we get back to God, at leasst we need this ark to save us fron the wickedness of this world. Another question, what is all about Gnostic Christians, do they still exisst. if they do, whcih one is the rigth christianity. Please we need to know, to know our fate and wher we stand before something gets out of hand.
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@Zorrogirl (1503)
• South Africa
6 Mar 08
to be the most true Christian would mean you take the bible as your guidance and not the preachers who turn it to their ideas. i love those NaGeo specials. i so wish they would find something. i believe its somewhere. why would they find scrolls that say it all exists, but no scrolls to say otherwise.
@deebomb (15317)
• United States
2 Mar 08
I personally don't put much stock in the National geographic on the bible or any thing they have to say about Christianity. I also don't think we need the Ark of the Covenant because we already have the ten commandants and Moses laws to guide us. We also have the new testament that tells us about Jesus. Revelation tells us what is going to happen in the future too. Your right we need to get back to God.
@se7enthbird (8322)
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
archeologists already have an idea where the ark is. the problem is it's located in a place holy to the muslims. surely the muslims won't allow an excavation in their site. knowing where you stand all boils down to you. it's not about religion. noone really knows what's the right religion coz noone really has seen god face to face in a very long time. just pray to god (wherever he is) to enlighten you and give you understanding from all your confusions.