Might be moving to England....

@ShannaS (559)
United States
October 30, 2006 4:26pm CST
So last night was a really rough night on me. I know I have family that reads this blog and possibly other onlookers but last night I actually broke down and bawled. I told my husband that if the upcoming court date in Nov. doesn't work out for me, I wanted to just go ahead and move to England and be w/ his family. I mean this court system in this arogant (assholish) state has already taken every penny we have and two lawyers later it seems that I cannot put any faith in it at all. It has proven to me that with photographs of wrong-doings, word from the children and myself that no one wishes to listen. I have gone as far as contacting that loca news, the Oprah show and even the Lifetime Movie network to carry this story of how the TX justice system is failing me severly and that the judge I have has been brought up on ethical issues but to this date..........nothing. I have all but given up. Actually I think I have finally gien up. I have faught this battle for over 5 yrs and it is taking such a mental and physical toll on me that my health suffers................mentality at times too. So, here I am to let everyone know that this is really probably going to happen. I have not seen my kids in 1 whole year as of Dec. 24th and I hate the way they are living. I must say, once he (the dad) and the kids got kicked out of a home they were"squating" in and living in a condemned building, really, my hopes went up. I thought maybe for once the"system" would pay attention to the kids and their well being. I mean when CPS calles me to say they had"a call" but the home was checked out and nothing was wrong, no reason to feel there was a threat, but I find out later the neighbors called and claimed there was no heat, water and the house stunk.................C'mon. Does a person have to brutally would a child and show some physical scars to get someone's attention? I HATE that armpit of a state and all that reside in ti. I suppse you may be wracking your brains to figure out what state I am speaking of but for those that aren't familiar with my story, I decided to keep it"secret" because I already have enough going on, I don't need harassment from residents. Anyhoo, we plan to stick it out here, if all goes WRONG, for just a little while more and locate jobs in the UK before we go so we're still here for a little while. If I can't see my kids but once a year, what difference does it make where I live right?
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