February 27, 2008 11:30pm CST
have u ever felt that u r inferior from ur friends? what did u do then? is that situation affect ur relationship with hi/her?
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• Pakistan
28 Feb 08
Hi stormieda :) hope u r enjoying ur stay here @ mylot . Em new to it..hope dat i respond to ur discussion well :) Yap i have felt dis thing since i was in school and right now em in university and still feelin dat :( .. it reallt hurts u know :-s..but inferiority wil neva give u anything...even though ma inferiority weakens me ..dat things which even i can do better than dem..em unable to do dem :-s em not less than dem..i know dis but still i duno wht is dat thing dat makes me sad when em wid ma frndz..we r a total of 6 frndz including me..2 r not in our grp ..but we four r always together..dey help me..we do discussions joint studies ..xchange notes..have chit chat after da class..have a lot of pranks during lecture..tells each other abt our joys and sorrows :-s.but still i duno whts dat things dat makes me to feel like a fish out of water :s..i feel like em an odd one out from dat four's grp ..dey dunt listen to me..dey take me as granted..dis is wht i think may be em wrong ..em da 1st position holder of ma class..da most active n bold student in da class..em socially active too ..but still i duno when em wid dem ..i feel less than dem :-s..sumthin is dere dat pings me..wheneva i speak dey just throw pranks on me :-s..and now i have started loosing ma image..i have started gettin down in studies day by day ..i have started gettin tense and have taken all dis on ma personal life too ! Now i feel everybuddy in da town thinks like me like dat and take me as a dumb one :-s.. em not less than dem ...i know dis ..i have got all da things betta dan dem ..but dey dont consider me ..cuz i cant do pranks liek dem ..i cant givedem alert answers..dono may be innocence is makin me weaker than dem.. anyways ...da thing is ..dat we shd not be frustated or shdnt be involvedin inferiortiy complex..dis really effect ur real skills ..and den u wunt be happy even among ur own frndz:) Take care !
@roi452 (232)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
this is common in any group of friends. I personally experienced this and it does has some effect, it sometimes lead to jealousy and conflict among friends. Dealing with this is relative to the person in the situation. We have to always keep in mind that each of us are unique and we always will have a unique trait that we can be proud of, we may not be smarter or richer or look better than any of our friends but we must learn how to appreciate ourselves - of what we can do for the group.
@Amagnimo (637)
• India
28 Feb 08
Well, in my pre-teens I always felt infoerior to my friends. That was because I always felt that my friends knew, one or the other was better than me in all ways. It felt weird because even otehrs used to pay more attention to them. I then started my habit of reading. ALl the time reading good books made me positive, and now, I am one among them, not an inferior one. Positive reading really helps. Whatever I do then is respected as a thoughtful action. I even started to mix with the people and became extrovert. I started playing lots of sports. Inferiority Complex is just a state of mind, a condition, where you think somebody is better than you. OFcourse people are better than you, but still, you also are not less. you must rediscover your qualities and try to develop them, to an extent that others must respect those qualitites, and thus respect you! Yes, inferoirity complex affects a relationship a lot! When you are inferior to anybody, than for sure, you are not gonna put your best efforts feeling the other person might not like it. You are not gonna try at all. Now that is bad. your relationship will not start only, and by chance, if it has, it won't develop! I believe, one must be confident over his actions. If he makes mistakes than whats wrong. Humans are the ones that make mistakes. We are not the almightly that we wont make mistakes at all. SO, I never am afraid of any actions now, and I proud to be myself, let others think waht they want to!