Why does exercising makes you feel better?

February 28, 2008 4:56am CST
Many exercise for there own reason but whatever it is, after a good workout, why does it makes you feel better?
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@paid2write (5202)
28 Feb 08
I have read that exercise is not just good for the body, it releases chemicals into the brain which give you a kind of 'high'. I think they are called "endorphins", but someone correct me if I am wrong. It is generally a good feeling to know you are looking after your body by keeping fit.
• Sweden
22 Mar 08
It's correct - endorphins is the most well-known chemical that is released when you do physical activity.
@lucksath (92)
• India
22 Mar 08
Hello nilouette, Satisfaction - is the main reason for feel better. I do not know about the good effects the exercises give to us - but I am sure it is mainly satisfaction that provides feel good/better feelings to a person.Not only in exercises, but also in many things - where a person get satisfaction on what he did, the person always feel better.Because execise is pertaining to health on which people are more concerned - the feel better effect may also be on the higher side. All the best.