My New Hardware Has Arrived

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February 28, 2008 5:22am CST
Hi all, Well today I got my new hardware. I decided it was time to upgrade because I bought the wrong DDR memory (bought DDR2 bit stupid because my system cant handle it). I checked the pricing of the DDR cards and it was a lot higher then the DDR2 so I decided to upgrade my motherboard and processor because I couldn't find one that fitted my old processor. So I bought a ASRock aLiveDuaal motherboard so that I could still put my old videocard on there ;). As for my harddisks they where still IDE so I needed to put them on too ;). I bought a AMD Athlon X2 4200+ 64 bit processor. But now I am wondering can I still use windows 32bit or do I need to upgrade to 64. Also whats the difference or isn't there ?. With Kind Regards, MOnline
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28 Feb 08
Of course there is a big difference between 32-bit windows and 64-bit windows. The difference is in number of colours when displaying something. You can use 32-bit windows,your processor also supports 64-bit version and that's it. My advice is to use 32-bit windows 'cause most of the software is made for it. There is still not enough software supporting 64-bit windows. All the software that u want to use on 64-bit windows gotta have their 64-bit version.
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• Netherlands
1 Mar 08
Hi pasjiskot, Thank you very much for your reply. I really appriciate you explaining to me what the difference between 32 bit and 64 is. I guess I will definitly stick to 32 bit because a lot of the software I own runs on 32 bit. With kind regards, MOnline
• India
28 Feb 08
Good I bought A Intel Quadcore Processor Really looted me But now My Computer works like a breeze ANd i can run 10 to 12 big programs at simultaneously And i can Play games like crysis