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February 28, 2008 12:54pm CST
I had a rocky childhood growing up. My parents drank too much, not enough food, emotional abuse or neglect, whatever you want to call it. Over the years I forgave my parents for various things like stealing my car, throwing away personal items such as clothes when I moved out, trying to commit suicide, etc. But, last year, another incident occurred with them and I had told myself I had had enough. I've been estranged from them now for almost a year. From time to time I think about them. I remember my mom saying that it's hard to have a relationship with me because my husband doesn't like her. She doesn't bother to call me either. What does everyone think? What about forgiveness? Is it possible to forgive these things but still be estranged? I doubt we'll ever have a relationship again but I want to forgive. Any thoughts?
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@Justme2007 (1848)
• United States
28 Feb 08
I can say I know how you feel I have been throught this also and just a month ago it happened where I said forget this and not just my parents but my other family members also. I have forgiven my mom and I still speak to her and see her I finally told her how I was hurt about how things were when I was growing up, She told me I should have told her then,but its hard to tell on other family members and how they have hurt you at least for me it was. I am getting help now and I am 43 yrs old. You can forgive your mom and if you want to speak to her then do so if you feel you can't do it just pray and heal yourself and it takes a long time but it can be done and you must forgive yourself for being angry at them and forgive yourself for the guilt you will have for not dealing with them. Keep your head up and your heart open and try to get the peace you deserve. good luck
• United States
28 Feb 08
I definitely think prayer is the way to go. My parents unfortunately have mental illness and suffer with substance abuse. I feel better knowing I'm not alone though. Thank you soooo much for talking to me. : )
@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
28 Feb 08
I think this must be a very difficult position to be in, maybe you could have a tolerate type relationship, as your parents are your parents and you only have one mum and dad, and life is so short, you won't have them forever, I had the same thing happen with my sister but we are now in the position where we can talk on the phone and we meet at a restaurant once a year, I think you should just try and be civil but not the focus of your life.
• United States
28 Feb 08
Thank you. Your input really means a lot to me. I'm glad you and your sister are together again. : )
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
29 Aug 10
Forgiveness project one as a god..he is equal to god!