Im a daughter

United States
February 28, 2008 2:34pm CST
Im a daughter of a mother who was 18 when i was born i was her first child i was the luck first child befor the crack took over er life just i puff not like weed its like speed one you start you cant stop so she was so young i guess cerious to see what it will do yo her i killed her the young women turned into the crack head who wants nothing but crack. what kid give me that crack thats all she know i was 1 year old when this started and now im 27 and it never stoped 26 years on crack i thought it was wack i guess not she still smoke it.during the years two more kid came i call them crack babys a boy and a girlmy brother was a 1 pound crack baby with a lot of problems and my sister was ok but her brain was older then her she is waild 16 and done more things that i will never do so that landed her in to a group home and my brother has lots of problemd they are both ok now but live live with many questions abouy whay i am the way i am so the three fo us was raised by my g-ma wich im very greatful thats she was there for us now im wondrein will she ever get tird of that crack stuff from what i see she will never stop until she is dead
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@izathewzia (5139)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
I am also a daughter. And i am thankful for my mom for bringing me into this world. And for trying her very best of giving me good life.
• United States
28 Feb 08
thats good and you should be some people are daughters with no mom cherish her
• China
3 Mar 08
??? i think i don't exactly understand ur words. but i'm a daughter,too.Though my mom is somewhat bad-tempered,and sometimes she scolds very seriously.but i still love her,because she brought me to this world, and she brought me up with all her love. and i know my love to her will last forever.
• Singapore
29 Feb 08
I am a daughter too. I hope that your mum stop smoking. Try to go out together more often and do activities and try to distract her.