What is behind the myLot project ?

Slovak Republic
February 28, 2008 3:11pm CST
I think that big inventions are usually based on simple ideas. Now I`m thinking about this site ... what is the background idea of it ? Is somebody doing some kind of serious research about communication between people ? Or just developing some big information system and this is only it`s small part being tested ? What motivates all that people here to write their ideas and stories and share them with others ? Maybe most of content here is only one big fish story. Maybe people here use false identities. It`s hard to imagine that someone is sitting somewhere and reads that huge amount of conversations produced here. Maybe film makers and book writers started this project to obtain new ideas for their work, ideas that comes from real life, ideas that will be used later for doing some kind of dirty business. Who knows ? Maybe it was only desire to discover something new ... and one day somebody took opportunity to fulfill his dreams ... Have A Nice FuNnY Day !
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