What was your proudest achievement in sport?

@kiran1978 (4137)
February 28, 2008 4:19pm CST
My most memorable and proudest achievement yet? Was coming third in Queensland (my state) for 200 metres backstroke when I was 12 years old. I felt so proud to finally have achieved my goal. All my hard work of training 10 times a week, 10 kilometres a day had finally paid off. I had a sourveneer (Bronze medal) for life to remind me of my great achievement. It was a surreal experience. What was your proudest achievement in sport or dancing?
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@mrpippo (756)
• United States
28 Feb 08
never really had any great sports moments but that must be real cool winning a bronze medal good show girl
@kiran1978 (4137)
• Australia
29 Feb 08
You may not have had any proud sporting moments in your life, but you must have other great achievements in your life that you are proud of? Thanks for your response :)
@skysuccess (8880)
• Singapore
3 Mar 08
When I captained and came in 2nd for my country's national inter school air rifle shooting competition. It was really an unforgettable experience. Firstly, whilst attending a centralized training the team's captain and vice captain actually walked out along with certain vital members in the team. I was suddenly entrusted with the captaincy responsibility and carry out the rest of the centralized training. 1 week before the competition we had a flu epidemic in the team affecting our preparations yet again. Barely recovered we entered into the qualifying rounds and came in 3rd to qualify for the finals. It was really beyond any of my expectation as we are a relatively young and green team. However, that got me thinking about the finals and the team to beat was a National champion for 3 successive years and the runners up and third were equally strong and formidable. Then came the actual day of the finals, again we had to experience another pre-competition scare - our school bus broke down and it is a weekend and there is no other replacement. Besides, we cannot take any other vehicle as we have the rifles to carry with us and a licence had been issued for that broken down bus. Boy, were we scared and you can imagine that pressure I have on my mind. Then out of nowhere, my school principal appeared - in my entire secondary school life I had always felt intimidated as he has been a very stoic, out spoken and strong character. For once he was so understanding and fatherly that without a 2nd word or thought he called upon his other teacher and loaded us up in 2 cars to our competition venue. Just before we entered the competition hall, he said that we should just concentrate on what we had been doing during our training and don't bother about the results. I think that little pep talk actually help me out but I just do not know for the others. My teacher in charge was also about to have a nervous breakdown too as she had not anticipated this team to be in the finals - as it had always been during her tenure. So you can imagine how tense we all are and that indescribable feeling when we were announced that we were runners up. For that moment, I just simply stood and for a while the whole world came to a sudden standstill as I reflected our uneventful road to the finals and now National runners up. Yes, victory is sweet but it was a pity that we miss the gold medal by just 5 points from a hitch on the "Snap and Shoot" event but there again, I really praised the younger ones for showing their guts when it really mattered. For this achievement, the vice captain and me were awarded the school colors (school's highest recognition) and to this day this event and awards will always be one of my most memorable and proudest moment.
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
29 Feb 08
Wow thats nice so u werre active and sports fan from start well i was not that outstanding in sports and academics i was just an average student nothing special about me Take care