is it hard???

United States
February 28, 2008 5:39pm CST
i just dont know how its possible for someone to love another persona s much as i love him..... his name is robert and hes the love of my life... he was the only person there for me when i needed someone... we were together for a year and a half, and his parents are the ppl i call ma and pa, cause i dnt know my parents... his mom has guardianship of me, so its kinda wierd, but it works... either way we broke up tho, and we were living together, and i had to leave... i love him still... we didnt tlk for quite awhile, but we went out on a few dates, and he always made it clear tht we would not be getting back together no matter how our feelings were... as he said he had been unhappy for quite some time... tht was the hardest thing i ever heard him say to me.... in high school, he wanted me so bad tht he tried for 3 years to get me, and look how we ended up after all tht time, its hard... anyway tho, he called and asked me out on a date, and decided tht we couldnt stay out late cause he had to get up early the next mornin....this was on a friday night... on sunday, around 11 i caught him at the movies with another girl and he was with her until 1 in the morning and he had to work the next day.... it broke my lil pathetic heart all over again, now hes tellin me tht hes goin to be movin to florida no later than april 1st.... hes already attempting to rent our trailer out, just throw all our memories to the wind like they dnt matter...i just dnt know wat to do... ive told him countless times tht i still love him and always will, but he just blows me off....
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@kreinao (56)
• Philippines
5 Mar 08
i completely feel the same way as u. and it is really hard. we had a 5yr relationship that stared when we were in college. but he had made clear his feelings for me when we were in high school. then just these couple of months, he changed. he started to have a very bad temper. we have had many bumps on our long relationship. some of it were happy and some were pretty much painful to the extent that i wanted to kill myself. yes...he was my 1st love...i gave my all.. but seemed like it was never enough...he still hopes that we would get back together. but in his own time...he is so inconsiderate about my feelings..and that is the most painful part of all.
@Hatley (164259)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Feb 08
Hi I know this is hard but he has made it clear he does not feel the same way towards you so you are wasting your time with him and I know it hurts but its time to move on with your life for I am sure there is a wonderful guy out there somewherewho will appreciate you for who you are and you need to start looking for him. When he went to the movies with another girl he broke any claims you might have against him in plain language much as you love him he is a jerk