Is fat burner can really burn your fat?

@Mamagee (392)
February 28, 2008 8:08pm CST
Fat burner is now sold everywhere with different brain. Is it affective?
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@mythociate (19628)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4 Dec 12
When they say their product 'burns fat,' most people really mean it helps your body 'burn fat.'
@MelanieW (66)
• Indonesia
9 Mar 08
Ya some will work depend how they work. 1. Some will basicly only contain diuretic, make our feel lighter as if we lost weight. but the truth is we are losing water inside. 2. Contain substain that effect our brain, so it will tell us that we are not hungry 3. Contain caffein, which is make us full and doesn't want to eat. 4. Contain herbal, dependon what kind of herbal. Some says can help lose weight 5. Contain green tea extract, it says can helplose weight 6. Contain bromelain, it's an extract fron pineapple and help to digest food we ate. So you may want to check what it's contain first before buy it. Cause some will have a bad side effect for the body.
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
29 Feb 08
some fat burner is not effective the more you take the more fat you can have ..i think the most effective way is to do some exercise..
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
well i laugh when i read this questions of yours ...because me myself wanted to burn my fats coz im so fat ha ha ah..but nevertheless others are effective to them but to others are not ..for me i tried so many but it to may dismay it doest works maybe because im lack of exercise coz i dont have time Im a very busy person to some of my friends bigger than me its was effective whatever fat burner they take coz they coupled it with discipline in food intake and exercise..fat burner alone would not work if no exercise well that my thinking only..
@mbs730 (2151)
• Canada
29 Feb 08
Unfortunately I don't think many of them work. There are natural things that can help aid weight loss with eating well and exercising. Green tea and yerbamate helps speed up metabolism and maybe there are other natural remedies. But with that one, I doubt it. I have tried them all, nothing works except for what I am doing now which is eating well and exercising and taking those supplements I had just said.
@yannycui (377)
• China
29 Feb 08
Some years before I was a little fat and tried several fat burners. Being hoestly, they didn't work very good. The best way to lose fat is going on diet and take excercises. Now I am slimer than before.
@megumiart (3777)
• United States
29 Feb 08
I've seen many diet pills that say "fat burner" but I really doubt they actually work because the none of the ingredients have such an effect on the body