Anyone ever cheated/scammed by ebay?

February 29, 2008 5:50am CST
Ebay say that they are a premium brand,I also thought the same in the past, but they proved me wrong(sad), Here's my story: One morning I found a contest going on ebay, called some "Treasure Hunt", What we have to do is just find a secret/treasured item on ebay by looking at the given hints and who first buys that item wins the prize. To my luck(and bieng an intelligent fella;)) in the first 30-mins of my beginning I cracked and buyed the item. I was feel with thrill and wasted almost 2 days finding other treasures,I won 2. When it comes to giving the prize, I got only assurance from those people and got several calls, all filled with excuses, please give TAXid,sent this form, blah blah! I just queried Tax office and they said no need to apply for any form coz its a free prize. Still I sent the forms etc asked by them. But to my sadluck I get nothing except assurances and excuses. I won it long back but still my name listed on their site under winners and still so sad people they are that they never care to give prizes for mind/time wasted.Cheaters! If they dont gave my prize, noobs remove my name at least, one day I may get time/patience to fire a lawsuit against them.
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