Did you knew that world's museum contain innumerable fakes....

United States
February 29, 2008 11:05am CST
The next time you'remarveling at a painting by picass,a statue by Michelangelo, or a carving fron ancient Egypt, don't be absolutely sure that you're looking at the genuine article. Art fake has been around since ancient times and is still in full swing-museum,galleries,and private collections around the world are stocked with phonies. This fact comes to us from an insider's insider- Thomas Hoving, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Ancient Egyptian ojects are particularly likely to be bogus. Furthermore, Hoving estimates that the fraud rate for religious artifacts from pagan and early Christian times is likely 99 percent.As many as 5,000 fake Durers were created after the master's death, and half of Vienna master Egob Schiele's pencil drawings are fake.
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• India
29 Jun 10
it is the GENUINE article, which the FAKE represents... that gives that aura and respect ... so, I don't mind getting amused by even fakes..