Mylot Digest.

@chrislotz (8200)
February 29, 2008 11:43am CST
As I am way behind and falling even farther behind every day, from the emails I get from mylot, I just took a look at the mylot digest from February 14th. I received 10 top discussions and out of the ten I could only respond to two of them. Three of the top 10 were from my own discussions, what a great feeling that is, Four of them were from discussions my friends started and I already responded to them and one was a discussion I had nothing to say to or add to. Has this happened to you? Do you see a lot of the top discussions are your own or from your friends and you already responded to them?
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@gemini_rose (16268)
29 Feb 08
Yes I always find that when mylot digest comes into my email box I have already responded to nearly all of them so I have stopped looking at it now! I find it easier to just come on here and go through them and see what there is.