Which country is the best or your favourite if you want to migrate?

United States
March 1, 2008 9:17am CST
Hi, come & share on which country is the best if you want to migrate & why? For myself...i want to migrate to Taiwan ...because the girl there is hot (especially the "pinglang" girl & lot of good food. :P
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@maz323 (29)
• Australia
1 Mar 08
i wish i could move to ireland, the girl i am with lives there and i am currently saving to go be with her for a year on a work visa.. when the year is finished she wants to come back to australia with me but i feel bad because she will be leaving her family and a job she loves.. but i cant move over there because i have young children from previous relationships and my girl want let me move there.
• Ireland
2 Mar 08
Too right she won't let ya move here ;) Anywho... Australia is MUCH better than Ireland... You won't be able to stick the cold babe... LOL... It's going to be funny... There are lots of things that I'm gunna hate about Australia.... Snakes, Crocs, HUGE bugs, the heat.... But thats what I'll have to put up with to be with u ;)
• Philippines
1 Mar 08
Right now, my husband and I are talking about moving to New Zealand. Based on what I've heard and read so far, it offers a quiet yet modern life which is ideal for a young and starting family like ours. We're both homebuddies and prefer a laid-back lifestyle so it really seems fitting that we try our luck there.
• United States
1 Mar 08
ya..it is clean & peaceful there..but i heard people saying the life there is quite boring/dull as the sleep very early & shop close early too..:P
@maximax8 (30126)
• United Kingdom
1 Mar 08
I think that the best country to migrate to is Australia. It is a large country with a varied landscape with a piece that would appeal to everyone in my opinion. Sydney is a city on a gorgeous looking harbor with an interesting looking bridge and opera house. I liked the countryside with all the unique wildlife and the warm or hot weather that most days of the year have. The people are friendly and honest. I hope that you will migrate to Taiwan one day.
@vinay049 (1839)
• India
1 Mar 08
i can say to germany to have fun and enjoy with woman for few days and then to u.s. to see things and enjoy a picnic