4th grade in shool, shot myself with a .38 , four bullet holes with ( 1 ) bullet

United States
March 1, 2008 10:37am CST
I was looking straight at the barrel when it fired and seen a trial of fire come out. I didn't even move when the pistol fired, stood dumb founded for a moment holding in my hands a money till full of cash and every change slot fill to the rim. The money tray was pretty heavy too. I was outside standing in front of my uncles truck in the car port, when I was shot. After the pistol fired I looked around for a bullet hole, looked at the outside exterior, the ceiliing, the kitchen door. First when the pistol went off, my concerned was my uncle being in the kitchen and if he might of got hit. I must of stood there for two solid minutes looking for the bullet hole, I said that bullet had to go somewhere. Still havn't moved an inch. Looking and looking trying to see where that bullet went. Then it dawned on me. If there was no bullet in the direction it fired, then I must have the bullet. I looked down at the money tray, waist high. Then I extended the money tray so I could I see the ground. When I looked down both of my paints legs was covered in blood. I took a small step with my left and I hard a funny liquid noise when my knee bend. Then I panic, I tossed the money tray to the yard yelling I been shot, I been shot, I been shot hoping around the truck on my right foot all the way around the truck back to the beginning spot. Finally my uncle comes outside, makes a comment, but then he was pissed that I threw the money out in the yard. He yells at me to get in truck while he picks up the cash and then all the change in the yard. Raised on a farm in alabama top of sand mtn. While my uncle would tend to the farm duties feeding the cattle and such, I was suppose to carry his launch, money tray and .38 to the truck. When I came out of the kitchen, down the steps, I was off balance and the .38 was sliding off the money tray. So I tried to trap the .38 next the hood of the truck. The .38 slide off down the concrete landed on the hammer and fired it went. Right through the shin on the right leg, cleared just in time before the bone, exited out , then entered my left lower side of the knee and exited just under the knee cap on the other side. Finally got to the hosiptal, after my uncle first had to stop at his other service station he owned to speak for a few minutes to his manager. Instead of parking by the door, he parked by the road and he had me to walk in with in to the station. That was about a 40 yard walk. We wasn't even inside more then five minutes and had to walk back to the truck. At the hosiptal all those nurses in the emergency room was just going nuts over me. Sit me down, cut off my left pants leg to my favorite pair of pants. Seen two bullet holes, the nurse quuickly calls the doctor on the phone. While I'm watching her, my right leg starting to itch. So I tried I reached down and started stracthing and it didn't feel right, so I pulled up the pants leg and said uh oh... I got the nurses attention... she just hung up the phone with the doctor and I said mam I been shot in this leg too. Boy did her eyes light up, she hurried back to the phone to call the doctor. That bullet didn't hit anything. I laid on back in the hosiptal for two weeks, stark naked. Then when it was time for me to be released, I still had to stay bed rest for another 3 or 4 weeks. I had no clothes to wear and they tried to send me home with none. My mother pitched a fit with the hosiptal to give up a sheet. My mother had drove in from tennessee and she didn't know I didn't have any clothes as the hospital trashed them.
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