Fall in love with online person???

Croatia (Hrvatska)
March 1, 2008 5:20pm CST
What do you think about online dating and is it possible to have a relationship with someone you met first online and then of course in a real life? Is someone in long relationship, maybe engagement or even married? I'd like to hear your experience. Thank you!
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@CanadaGal (4304)
• Canada
2 Mar 08
I think online dating is a marvelous tool. It sure as heck beats picking up mates in the local meat market bars, doesn't it? I have many friends who have met their current partners via dating sites on the internet. They are very happy, and very much in it for the long haul. I met my ex husband via friends who knew him from an internet chat room (back then, it was a BBS). Things didn't work out for us in the end, but that wasn't because of the fact we technically met via online. And ever since I left him over 5 yrs ago, I have done all of my meeting of new men for dating via dating websites. I have met some very nice men, and some very scary ones. But you will have that experience anywhere. If anything, meeting someone over the computer helps you to get to know the REAL them.. .the parts of them that are more important in a fulfilling long term relationship. Yes of course, there needs to be that physical in person chemistry as well... but that's what first meetings and first dates are there for. :)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
2 Mar 08
Yes, you're totally right. Thank's a lot...
@p1kef1sh (45638)
2 Mar 08
I think that online dating has had a huge image cleanup in the last 10 years or so. I remember when it was a bit of a joke and that "normal" people thought that you had to be a bit sad to date that way. But rather like boards like myLot, you now have an excellent chance to get to know people warts and all without ever setting eyes on them. Of course you do run the risk that the person that you thought was the tall, blond, lantern jawed lothario called p1kef1sh turns out to be a short, fat, hairy no mark. But perhaps he will have won you over with his sparkling wit and repartee so you won't mind after all. Who knows? Horses for courses is what I say.