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March 1, 2008 5:59pm CST
I learned of this site through a friend who said they submitted several tips and they were all rejected. I joined just to give it a whirl, and the same thing happened. I submitted four tips and over a week later I got an email saying they were all rejected. I think my tips were really good advice that could have helped people - but I guess not. I did do a search to see if the tips I submitted had already been submitted and they wernt, so I don't know why they were rejected. I've read through some of the tips on there and some of them are really dumb - IMO. Maybe they only publish dumb tips? Also, this might be a small thing but they say that you should find out if your tip was accepted within 1-2 days so I was a little frustrated to wait over a week (way past the time promised) only to find out they were rejected. What's everyone's thoughts on this?
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@PTCRokr (186)
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2 Mar 08
They are quite selective. i gave them 4 tips and none got selected.
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3 Mar 08
So have you given up on them or are you going to try and submit more and see if you have better luck?
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5 Mar 08
I decided to avoid DayTipper like it had a plague. I have read in several different forums that they don't always pay those that they publish, they sometimes publish tips they said were rejected, and that they have long waits and people thinking they are getting money when they aren't. I hope others have better luck with them, but for me, I will be staying away!