without a degree can I anyone succed in life

March 1, 2008 11:24pm CST
I in my life have no degree list but I have struggle to find my position. Can you friends belive I have learned to use Computer by only seeing my brother using it, I havent joined any institution or got help from other. I don't have any certificates. I know to use Microsoft Office 2003, Pagemaker 7, CS2(Photoshop), Coreldraw grapics suit X3, Scanning, Using internet completely , etc. Now I have experience of designing more than 10years but have no degree. How can I approch for a new job? Can friends help me out of this problem
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@peavey (16991)
• United States
2 Mar 08
I think success depends a lot more on ambition and courage than on a degree of any kind. If you want to work as a designer, gather your best work, write up a summary of the programs you know how to use and just do it. People are interested in the end product (your work), not necessarily how you learned to do it - at least on the internet.
2 Mar 08
A portfolio of your work. These are the best ways of showing what you are capable of without a piece of paper saying you have passed an exam or four. Along with a good chunk of your best work (all dated and with details such as what programme you used) add a CV, not just what jobs you have had but what you have done in your own time, how you have learnt to use the programmes and how you have bettered your skills. Basically just expand on what you have told us MyLotters.