Waiter....Waiter!!! there's a...

South Africa
March 2, 2008 4:26am CST
Have you ever been in a restaurant and discovered something in your food that shouldn't have been there?
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@rhejans (191)
• Philippines
5 Jul 11
I have been in a famous restaurant and discovered that while i was eating, I chewed something hard and sharp that my gums bleed a little. At first, I thought it was just a fish bone until i figured out that it was a STAPLER!! Imagine if that stafler goes to my stomach? What will happened to me? I reported it to their Restaurant Manager and penalized his chef for being irresponsible.
@gratitude (181)
• South Africa
3 Mar 08
a cocroach leg! that was the last time we ever went to that little resturant! even though the manager wanted to give us all our meals for free we all got up and walked out. the roaches leg was under the tomato on a piece of lettuce..u know how they try to 'decorate' the plate!
• Australia
3 Mar 08
waiter waiter theres hair in my soup or waiter waiter theres eye lash in my soup
@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
2 Mar 08
As a cook myself, to often I see fellow messy cooks who will grab say a handfull of cheese for a certin dish they are preparing or a scoop of mustard or ketchup, and see small chunks fall off into other containers of food that are directly nexted to it, while usually it is no big deal. It can cause big deals when you serve people with allergies. I often say something, but more often then not my co-workers end up complaing about my compalints to much. I end up working on a shift where I run the cook line by my self so I don't have to deal with that type of stuff. As for hairs, all workers are supposed to wear a hat or hair net but far to often managers let it slide. Be wary of "mom & pop" type of dinners, very rarily are they effective in preventing hairs in the food. Insects I can't say I ever have had this happen. Thankfully! As for other stuff in the food that shouldn't be there. Often I am culprit,but only when I serve friends I know that can take a joke, my favourite thing is when making a burger for someone I know, is to add Jalapenos to it, and remove the meat, usually takes a couple bites for them to figure it out, but the look on the face is priceless :) Once I've done that to someone I know, I then like to next time make the burger perfect, but then set-up the entire meal to go, and wrap the burger at least 10 times. Makes them laugh every time. I also enjoy putting a large handfull of straws in the togo bag, but then not give them there drinks :) It's fun to give mayonnaise instead of tartar sauce when ordering fish. or vice versa Giving sides of Cocktail sauce instead of a side of ketchup is good for a laugh also. or vice versa