burying for less

@Modestah (11188)
United States
March 2, 2008 6:38am CST
This is an interesting article on how to keep burial costs down. http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/mccarthy95.html some areas covered are of course caskets - it advices that you buy a casket in advance, because although a funeral home has to be upfront with you regarding the costs they do not have to have the lesser expensive models in stock - and usually for a funeral there is a time constraint. one suggestion was to use the coffin as a piece of furniture in your home until it is needed! the article also states that cremation does not have any less health risks than burial and infact causes an environmental concern due to the 650 pounds of wood for fuel to cremate the body.
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@dragon54u (31636)
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2 Mar 08
I've instructed my family to dispose of my empty shell as cheaply as possible and definitely NO casket! Do you put your garbage in a casket? No, you throw it in a bag and take it to the landfill or add it to your compost pile, both places where it can nourish the earth and renew life. I'm hoping that after they harvest all the organs they can, my body will be a medical student's cadaver. Or donated to research or just cremated and scattered. The first two cost nothing and the second one costs very little, especially if you don't bother with a formal memorial service.
@mamasan34 (6520)
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2 Mar 08
I did not know that about cremation. However I would choose to be cremated. It is less costly and in this day and age, everyone moves so much that there is no since in being buried in a plot that no one is going to come visit. Being in an urn, you can travel with the family hahhaha! I know that is not really funny, but I just had this visual of my daughter putting my urn at the table on Thanksgiving. I can't visualize us using a coffin for a coffee table until one of us kicks it. That's just too much for me.