democracy: are you for or against it? what are the alternatives?

March 2, 2008 10:12am CST
democracy doesn't work. it can be rigged, bribed, cheated and distorted. usually, when someone says that, others think hes a communist/fascist and likes dictatorship, or oligarchy. not true... the best type of government is 'dollar democracy' where governments are privatized. before you start to condemn, use your brain and think about it for a few seconds. can it work?
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• Italy
2 Mar 08
Sorry but I don't have understood right, but what do you intend for "dollar democracy"? Who would have the power in your ideal world? I think democracy is still the better form of governement, at least the less bad. IMHO we have to work to make a real democracy instead of trying other forms of governement.