Free Online Resources for Small Businesses

March 2, 2008 11:37am CST
Starting a new business can often be costly and overwhelming however there are many wonderful online resources we can tap into for free. GREAT site for students...I signed my middle school daughter up on this website however I believe it was originally designed for office use. No more excuses that her work is on the computer at home! Everything can be kept private or can be shared with groups (if she's doing a group project) What I really appreciate about this site is that your work is saved right on the Internet and accessible anywhere you go. You don't have to download and re-upload the document to edit it. Some quick examples: Zoho Writer is a word processing software that allows you to save in either MS Word or PDF format. Zoho Spreadsheet... self-explanatory :) Zoho Show is just like PowerPoint Presentation Zoho Wiki will sound familiar with the ever growing world of Wikipedia. Here you can create your own WikiWorld! Zoho Planner... And it just gets better from there! A great feature for small businesses is they offer a chat box that you can embbed on your own website so clients, potential and established, can contact you directly without having to give them your private instant messenger. I tend to use this one more only because it seems more professional and easier to work with. This site is great for calendar and contact management! You can share files, have conference chats, project management, todo lists, phone messages, even email! What more can you ask for when it's Free? Well, You can ask Microsoft to create a really awesome space for small businesses :) If you are familiar with Microsoft and their beneficial softwares for small businesses, you will LOVE this site! Wish you could have MS Project Management? MS SharePoint? Keep reading... You can have all that, a domain and website hosting all free for one year! For Free Marketing ideas, look through my discussions.
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