Students: do you like school?

@broc93 (168)
March 2, 2008 2:47pm CST
Do you like school? What school are you going to? And what is your favourite subject? I go to a senior high school specializing in science and technology education, a "liceo scientifico tecnologico". I love Maths and Earth Science! And, of course, I love studying. I'm a bit strange :)
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@Oktavist (396)
• Romania
25 Aug 12
I can say I like school.I now have friends that go at that school too.Well,there I can have the classes I like,but I don't like some.I guess I an surely say that I am not a Maths addict,nor a Physics junkie.I just don't like to understand Maths and don't like to be known as Physics solver,because that will put me in a homework-solver position.
• Canada
9 Mar 08
I personally really have realy gotten to like school in recetn years. Maybes it because of the different teacher ive had or maybe it the subjects either way i no actually like going to class. Of course there will be subjects such taht i have to go to which i can no deal with instead of skipping them.
• United States
2 Mar 08
Hello broc93 and welcome to mylot. Yes I love school, I like to learn. I feel like the more knowledge I obtain the better job I'll get. Well after I graduate from High school I am going to get a business mangement degree and I am also going to try to get into medical school. My favorite subject in school is math. I also love reading and writing! The reason why I love math so much is because I like playing with numbers and I feel as though anything can be solved mathematically. I love to read because it expands my vocabulary and I love learning from others mistakes. I love to write. I can write about any and everything. I love writing poetry the most. Well I am running out of words now Broc93. So with that said Bro93 nakitalikely3617 is out!