about titanic

March 3, 2008 4:07am CST
I am a seaman by profession. I have watched titanic several times. I understand what went on that fateful day. It is horrible when ships go down. There is very little chance for survival although there are life boats on the ship.But as I have learned on my trainings for survival at sea is SHIP IS THE MOST SAFEST LIFE BOAT YOU CAN BE IN. If something happens in mid sea the survival chances are very less. Lot of things changed in the marine field after this incident. There are so many sea disasters that have taken place. But what makes titanic so important is that life boats were removed to accomodate more passengers. This was not told to anyone and all the time titanic was called unsinkable. During that time every one fighting for life had very little life boats available. So many jumped to sea only to get freezed up as the sea was very cold in the night. If better sense had prevailed at that time many lives could have been saved.
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• Indonesia
10 Mar 08
Your life like that was told in the film tetanic, really extraordinary already how many of your times watched this film?
• United States
5 Mar 08
i never knew that the ship was the safest place to be. i'll have to remember that, [in case im on a sinking boat]!. thanks for the tip. it was so sad they the titanic sank and there was no life boats. how could they possably think that the titanic was unsinkable? haha seaman by profession eh. i've always wanted my own boat to sail around the world.
• China
5 Mar 08
I have watched titanic several times too.