can you keep a 24hrs watch on your child

@nomsyd (69)
March 3, 2008 4:42am CST
last week my neighbors 20yrs old son left for school and never returned. everyone was stricken with panic and search parties sent in search of him, after 8days he came back,what was the story he was kidnapped by ritualist and was already taken out of the state we reside divine intervention he was thrown out of the bus that was how he got home. so i asked myself how do i keep a 24hrs watch on my 3yrs old son.
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@Swaana (1206)
• India
3 Mar 08
Though you cannot be keeping watching him all 24 hours as it will soon be time for him to go to school. Trust him with someone you know if you are not dropping him and picking him up from school. When they get older, it is hard to drop and pick them as they take it as an issue of concern among their friends, but still you could keep check on them by constantly calling him, if you are getting him a mobile phone that will allow to make calls only to your number and residence number or a phone that has only incoming option. If at home make him play where ever you work, you do anything. Keep alarm near his bed if he is sleeping in a separate room.
@nomsyd (69)
• Nigeria
7 Mar 08
a woman in the same city as me hired a regular cabman well known to her to be dropping her kids offand picking them up from school, will you believe it was the same man who connived with kidnappers and the kids were kidnapped the man ran away and was nowhere to be found then who should i trust
• United States
3 Mar 08
o my goodness! wow. I've never had anything like that happen to my kids or anyone that I know. Mine are only 2 & 3 and they are always supervised! I tend to be overprotective, where my husband is a little more laid back (not to say that he is neglectful, but just a little more lieniant).I also have 2 step kids that are 6 & 7 and even they are not allowed to play outside by themselves. There are the risks of abductions and things as simple as falling off their bikes and getting hurt, etc. I know sometimes u have to "let them spread their wings and fly", but when my kids get old enough that is going to be an awfully hard thing for this momma bear to do!
@kurci1 (171)
• Australia
3 Mar 08
Good question my sister when she was 3 wanted to go to school. She actually opend the door and was on her way walking to school it was about 500 metres from my house and she was picked up by someone. Lucky that someone was a good neighbour who returned her. After that day my muum always was watching her. I recommend knowing where he is at all times. even when your busy check up on him because you never know what there going to do next. Maybe even give him something to do which wont make hime wont to move around and do things which you wouldn't want him to do. maybe give him a learning game of soem description, that keeps my sister busy for hours sitting in the same place with no trouble.