There is NEVER a reason to cheat on your spouse?

United States
March 3, 2008 5:51am CST
I don't believe in cheating of course, but I do know one can also be driven to cheating too. Dealing with the human body I'm sure is basic, run of the mill. When you begin to dig deeper into the minds of people, you have a whole lot bigger mess than you probably wanted to get into to start with. People carry excess baggage everywhere they go now, they bring wild problems, bipolar, lots of extra crap into relationships to start with. People are selfish and think of Me, Me first, usually so when they begin to feel neglected, this woe is me syndrome come out to hunt for someone to make me feel good about me. Sometimes it isn't that messy. It could be that a husband just isn't interested any longer and won't give his wife the attention she needs from him. There just are reasons for people to do a lot of things. Never say never. You never know when that might come up and bite you in the tush.
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@IsisGreen (555)
11 Sep 08
Never say never, indeed. But you have signed a fairly strongly worded contract agreeing not to cheat on your spouse, with a whole load of witnesses and possibly God. There is a kind of, "well, why didn't you think of this eventuality sooner", like before you settled on terms?