March 3, 2008 9:37am CST
what vitamines are neccessary for body building, and what are the side effect if essesively taken.
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@mikokre (132)
• Nigeria
3 Jul 08
Well they say that protein is the building block of life.In that case i'd say um! Amino acid will be a body builder bcos,its the end product of protein.And i dont know if it's a vitamin.U should know better than me cos your ID seems chemist like.Well,if excessively taken i believe there will be a side effect but i'm not sure sure what it will be.But i can guess let me try.It might probably lead to stunted growth and tear of the muscles and other vital parts or organ of the body.How did that sound?
@MelanieW (66)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 08
That will be a protein drink, but has to followed by rutine exercise (in gym). Side effect will be problem with kidney, therefore we need to exercise regulary to use all the supplement (protein) we drink. Because protein is muscle food, and we need it when we want to form some muscles
@NetHeart (94)
• Portugal
3 Mar 08
Hi there! Well I use vitamins that I buy in bottles that combine all the vitamins (almost all 100% daily dose) and mineral salts! I also use ginseng pills all at breakfast! And I drink green tea to hydrate. Well in this case if you excessively take these pills nothing bad will happen, only your body will trough out what is excessively. You can also do shakes (by them in your sport zone) but be careful because they are very fatty...