women's football

@Skills (89)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
March 3, 2008 12:37pm CST
I would really like to know on which level is women's football in your country.Do you even know that there are women who play football?Do you even know that there is women's football league going on in your country?Do you know,in average,how many people is coming to women's football matches?What do you think of women's football?Can you imagine bounch of girls playing that "men's" sport? So,write from which country are you coming from and describe the situation a little.
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@mrtimharry (1180)
3 Mar 08
in the UK there is a woman's league, with most of the big clubs, linked to their male equivilent, ie Arsenal Ladies There is no television coverage though other than the Ladies FA cup final
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@Skills (89)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
3 Mar 08
Even that is cool.Have you ever watched any match?
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@bdsurf (703)
8 Mar 08
I am from bangladesh,a small little country besides the india.Though we are far behind from many country of the world in many cases but you might be happy by hearing that football is now not only for man in our country! National Women Football league is held every year regularly and we are going ahead day by day.Interesting news is there are lots of problem for finding a sponsor of the menz football. But for woman football ? it never occured!
• Macedonia
7 Mar 08
Hello im from Macedonia i've never seen a football match between girls but i've seen them practising on the pitch.In my country it is not so popular and not so many people knows how about our womens club,but i know that the arsenal ladies are the best in England and in Europe!!!
@Foxfire1875 (2011)
4 Mar 08
In Scotland it is getting more popular but it still is more amatuer level, not that I'm saying women can't play football the opposite. Any women's football I've seen has been slower and less physical but possibly because of that more skillful. Not sure of the numbers but I would think it would be in the hundreds only. What I mean by amatuer is that most of the players are not full time professionals and they don't have stadiums to play in. The female version of my team Hibernian, Hibs Ladies are the best in Scotland winning the league and cup most years, also the national team had mostly Hibs Ladies players in them. My cousin's daughter plays for Hibs Girls but I haven't seen her play yet.