@jsharriz (436)
March 3, 2008 2:38pm CST
what kinda people u feel comfortable speakin wid or u feel u can relate urselves too... like u feel u wanna make friendship wid em...
3 responses
@Mamagee (392)
• Malaysia
4 Mar 08
a friend who is a good listener, can give advice and cry for you. this is what friend for. I'm vary comfortable with them.
@toughboy (81)
3 Mar 08
the peoples who give words from thier heart cannot be seen for the first time,but when i am finding a true person i will definitly add him to my friend list.
@Grace35 (136)
• United States
3 Mar 08
For the most part I think I get along with just about everyone, and can find pretty much anything in common with anyone. So I feel comfortable speaking with just about anyone...Making friends for me however is the tough part...I have major TRUST ISSUES...LOL