speakin a lie ..??

@jsharriz (436)
March 3, 2008 5:56pm CST
speakin a lie in modern life has become far from a sin..we hear lie startin from child hood...der's lie's every were these days....people come up wid petty reasons to back up the fact that they lie...wat do u think?? is it ok to say lie's for comforts or is it better to live truth the hard way?? personally speaking i hate sayin lie's i speak truth as much as possible but in the case were my lie is needed to make sme1 feel better or if my lie helps sme1 for a novel reason i guess i wudnt mind saying one... share ur opinion on dis topic...
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@queenofarms (1659)
• United States
4 Mar 08
I try not to lie not unless I have to, to benefit someones well being...I hate when someone lies to me and I found out...I will like you more if you tell me the truth than lie to me...
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@toughboy (81)
4 Mar 08
i guess i,am your kind of person.my knowledge about lies is,its depends upon the age.but when a grown person is not speaking the truth,then there should have to be some reason for his lie.if not soo then he is mentally weak to accept his mistakes.you know...kids tell lies for toffies or small mistakes only...