Is there any wiser than SOCRATES?

March 3, 2008 9:21pm CST
Although there is no solid proof of his works, I would say no one (except GOD) is wiser than him. Not even Plato nor, Aristotle neither Xenophon. Who do you think is wiser than SOCRATES?
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
6 Mar 08
But the proof...thats the real problem Simbria (besides the fact you didn't bring any example of wisdom from Socrates, perhaps assuming we know of the Socratic Method, human excellence, and the like). There is a possibility that Socrates was simply a figment created by Plato. Of course I do respect the person and his contributions, even cited some of the thoughts here on mylot. I would say that perhaps Plato is not being given enough credit here. Many of his philosophical writings, thoughts and exercises tremendously contributed to philosophy as a whole. They were so effective, one can see their facets in other works aspects of life, (religion, fiction, reality: examples: Euthyphro and Crito, Cave Allegory, Theory of Forms) Other people I'll give credit to are as follows Confucius. I will add that he "invented" nothing but only served as just a teacher of what was. When thought about, isn't that what a lot of baseline philosophy is? Confucius also place the majority of emphasis on studying or learning. Behavior was another important lesson taught by Confucius, so much so that skilled judgment was valued more than just knowledge/obedience of existing rules. Sovereignty is another key item. One should not impose on others what one would not choose for themselves. Immanuel Kant. At the very least a contender for the title in question. Though its not as ancient or esoteric, his duty theories and categorical imperatives to ethics were an interesting take on an eternal problem (seriously, why ethics, and why should anyone care if ethics were not important? Ever imagine life without them?) This thinking takes into account that the imperatives, ethics, laws must be universally good, fair to the most people and testable. Ethics toward people also include treating people as an end and not a means. But to this day some people do not heed this, using each other (excessively, grossly) as means and not respecting people as ends(moral and equal beings). Sun Tzu. Key thought and philosophy of military conduct and even some of the first applications of international conduct. Adam Smith. The Wealth of Nations has an intriguing premise, still applicable to the present world. Self-interest drives people: This fuels competition and free trade, resulting in growth and improvement of the human condition in a nation. Lao Tzu. Wisdom on existence, life, creation. Had intriguing views on current life, conduct, even the virtues and vices of the self. Critques of society and leaders were here subjects of teaching too. Leaders are effective when barely seen and all powerful, average when seen and praised and poor when hated by the subjects. Niccolo Machiavelli. Wisdom on leaders and what make an effective leader. Discusses the virtues, character (and vices) a leader must use in order to obtain and keep the allegience of the people, more importantly than that keep power for the longest time.
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• Philippines
12 Mar 08
This is very juicy...and meaningful thanks anyways. Among the people you have mentioned, is there anyone, who can accept their ignorance, people adored them for the wisdom they are sharing. They have heard them and maybe applies them in their lives. MAY.... Socrates on the otherhand spoke of wisdom too....But the best he have shared yet others think it is the dumbest is to make people accept their ignorance. Your burden is the is what other's burden too. We want proof because we want to know the truth. But maybe, just maybe, Socrates doesn't want to bring any proof...because what he wants to drive is the idea of "people and their ignorance". Even in court people wants the proof and evidence to justify everything..... Just for a the thought ;)
@dzxq666 (159)
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4 Mar 08
Everyone has his own idol.but who can forward the history and improve the people's life, he is wiser.
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4 Mar 08
One liner yet with depth.