Around the world by car?

@deedee30 (435)
March 4, 2008 4:15am CST
Is this possible? Have you experience of this? would you consider it I think it would be really cool just to set off in your car and keep driving, do you?
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@maximax8 (31192)
• United Kingdom
4 Mar 08
I would love to get my car taken over the Atlantic Ocean by freight ship. It could land in Halifax in Canada and then I would like to drive it right across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver . Next I would drive to Seattle. There I would get my car taken over the Pacific Ocean to Shanghai in China. From there I would drive to Beijing and follow the long distance to Moscow, perhaps making stopovers in Mongolia and some Russian towns and villages. It would be a huge distance. From Moscow I would drive to Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam. Then I would drive to the start of the Channel Tunnel. This would transport my car to England then I would drive home with many happy memories and lots of photos of my exciting drive around the world. Generally the seas make it challenging to drive around the world. I have had the experience of flying around the world on planes.
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
4 Mar 08
Nah! It would just make me cranky and dizzy. I am not on my best when I travel through bus or car. I think I would settle for all types of transportation when travelling around the world. It would also be less boring that way.
@paid2write (5201)
4 Mar 08
Obviously you would have to use a lot of ferries to cross the world's oceans and you must really love to drive to attempt to drive around the world. I don't like to travel by car and would prefer to sail around the world and cross continents by train.