how u fall asleep?

March 4, 2008 6:02am CST
how do u ppl fallen alseep? u will fallen alseep straight after u close yr eyes? i can't fall alseep juz by closing my i eyes, i will hav to imagine tis n that b4 i fallen alseep , it usually take me half n hour 2 be alseep.....recently even worse i juz can't fallen asleep , i can be lying on the bed for a few hour yet not fallen asleep.....anyone hav any ways tat can help me (except eating sleeping pills)
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@jsharriz (436)
• Ukraine
4 Mar 08
u mite b suffering from insomnia..pls do consult a doctor. speakin bout myself i doze off imdly after i go to bed.. cos i wud b drained out by the time i hit my bed.
• Singapore
4 Mar 08
yeah... there was a period of time when i had that problem too. Everytime I close my eyes thoughts just start flowing into my mind. And some thoughts lead to other thoughts and i just can't stop thinking! I can lie in bed for a few hours tossing and turning and just can't fall asleep. so i end up sleeping really late... and wake up really late too. but i do realise when i'm really tired, e.g. after a very long day, i will fall asleep pretty soon after i close my eyes. so maybe just try to make sure your days are occupied. or you could try doing some light reading. or read really boring material (i've think textbooks are quite useful =P). but sometimes if all else fails, you just have to wait it out, i guess.
• Singapore
5 Mar 08
thx...i will try making myself tired, see whether it work.....doing reading i hav try b4 but it do not worked
• Malaysia
8 Mar 08
it depends on how tired or sleepy i am. if i'm really tired or sleepy, i'll usually fall asleep straight away. there are definitely times when i dont and i really hate it when i can't fall asleep when i'm already in bed, maybe because i'm worried about something or whatever. when that happens, i'll usually try to think of happy thoughts or pray to God, that helps. hope you'll be able to sleep well!
@bafzsk (46)
• China
7 Mar 08
I also fell asleep after I closed my eyes
• India
6 Mar 08
honestly speaking im also like a guy who can't fall asleep as desired at anytime ..............i can't sleep with ligts on bcz i can't imagine sth until there is a dark atmosphere around me feeling that i m alone with my.............
@rposta07 (240)
• United States
5 Mar 08
I am the same way! My mind races with thoughts when I lay down. I have never been able to fall asleep instantly. I usually put in a slow movie before going to bed in order to slow my mind. I tend not to have so many thoughts in my head if I have that background distraction. This may sound silly, but I literally take a deep breath and remind myself to stop thinking so much and go to sleep. I have to tell myself to relax. I know you said you didnt want sleeping pill advice, and I dont blame you. but sometimes a sleep aid is necessary. Have you ever tried melatonin? It is a natural substance available over the counter, non-addictive, and your body naturally produes it anyway before you fall asleep. Some nights it helped me. It really wasnt strong enough for me. I have actually found that of all the sleeping pills out there, Tylenol PM is my favorite. I have tried many prescription meds, but I like Tylenol PM. I also like Benadryl, and it doesn't filter through your liver, so that's a plus. I know you dont want to take a lot of sleeping pills, but trust me, sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes, it's worth it!
@lynnchua (3415)
• Singapore
5 Mar 08
Just like you I can't fall asleep by just closing my eyes. It usually take me half to one hour to fall asleep, I have to close my eyes and thinks of things like you before I really fall asleep and I wake up easily to slight noise and I'm looking for ways that help too.
@cortjo73 (6500)
• United States
4 Mar 08
It depends on a few key factors for me. As long as I stay away from caffeine after probably around 1 or 2 in the afternoon I am usually ok. But, my menstrual cycle also factors in to my sleep patterns. When I am about to and am ovulating and then during my period, I tend to have a hard time sleeping. Also, I can't eat past about 7 or 7:30. My cut off with eating is around 8 pm. Anything after that other than water and I won't sleep well. So, my suggestions would be, if you drink caffeine or even if you eat something chocolatey too late in the day, that could effect your sleep. And, see if your menstrual cycle coincides with your worst sleep issues. I can only suggest then that you really stay away from anything that might stimulate you like caffeine because it will make matters even worse for you than any normal day. Don't eat late. Also, try to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. If you are watching tv before bed, lie down on the couch with the dimmest light in the room on and nothing brighter. If you can handle it, just turn all the lights off while you watch the tv. I am not a fan of that because I feel like it can hurt your vision but, others say it won't hurt you. Make it your choice. Cover up with a warm blanket, and make sure you are in your pajamas and have brushed your teeth. That way, if it works and you start to doze off while you are watching TV, you can just get up and go to bed instead of having to wake yourself back up by doing your pre-bed prep before crawling under the covers. You could also crawl into bed about a half hour before you would normally go to bed and read a book. Just do your best to get really peaceful before you go to bed. Don't play any video games if you tend to do that as it is said that video games stimulate your mind and it takes longer to settle down to a point of falling to sleep. I hope all of this helps. I too have had a hard time with sleep but, now that I know that caffeine is something I am really sensitive to, and I know that eating past 8 pm is really not going to do me any favors as far as falling asleep, I have gotten better about my sleep patterns. If you do all of this stuff above, it may take you a few days to a week to get yourself to a comfortable routine. It can take you a little while to teach your body to let go of the old routines and get it into the habit of this new routine and teach your body to respond to the new routine by going to sleep. So, don't give up if it doesn't happen the first night or even up to the 7th night. It should happen soon enough. Good luck! I hope I was helpful!
@msanin (131)
• Canada
4 Mar 08
well i don't really have that problem because i can fall asleep as soon as i put my head on the pillow lol.. but my husband does have that problem, he takes a long time to fall asleep so what i do to him is scratch his back and that helps him a lot... try also having the room as dark as possible and no noise at all.. i heard that using the bed to read, or watch tv is bad for that too. Bath helps too, it makes u tired, so try taking like a bubble bath or something.. if nothing of this works well what you need is make your body physically tired so try doing some cleaning or something like that . hope you can solve your sleeping problems because it really sucks to not be able to fall asleep fast ...
• Philippines
4 Mar 08
sleeping - sleeping baby
I used to have problems sleeping. But recently, I have noticed that few minutes after I lay down, I doze off. Sometimes, all I have to do is to keep myself comfortable. After that, the next thing I know, my alarm goes off.