Withnail & I was on last night on film 4.

March 4, 2008 6:24am CST
Did anyone else see it? It has to be one of the best British films ever made and was apparently Richard .E. Grants first film. If you haven't seen it I recommend going out and finding it now, it's about 2 out of works actors struggling to survive in abject poverty and one of them is a serious alcoholic (though they both are always drinking). It's very funny in a dark way obviously what with the poverty unemployment and alcoholism, and it's so well written it's a pleasure to watch and has some of the best lines ever. I hadn't seen it for years and found it on just by chance and would have missed it if I weren't channel hopping. I'm surprised there's not more discussion of this film on here, it was quite underground I suppose but is a cult film and relatively well known.
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