Anyone who has an Irish Setter here? tell me about it! we're getting one soon!

@NCgirl (488)
March 4, 2008 9:11am CST
I have posted about what dog breed is the best before. I never knew that there's a breed called Irish Setter, until my husband told me about it. He'll be getting a puppy-7 weeks old next week for free, his guy from work is giving it to us. I searched online about the breed, and they're just as good as lab. One thing im worried about, is that they're hairy, see the long hair? lol but that's fine. My husband will get the puppy next week, supposedly today but we don't have stuff for the puppy yet, like a dog bed, food etc. Im just so excited! So, anyone here have this breed for a pet? How is your experience with this type? Are they sweet & friendly?
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@yetigirl (76)
• Spain
6 Nov 10
oh dear, hope you found your irish setter as sweet as mine. Sorry for answering this post this late but...didn't found before. I do have an irish setter, to be more specific, a red and white irish setter, that are a protected variety of irish setter. Bart has been with us since it was 4 months, but has been in contact with us from its birth. Now it has 2 years and 3 months. We are really lucky as our dog has the most primitive looks of red and white irish setter. His father line is pure and has pedigree, but his mother line makes the breed some steps to the beggining of setters, as she is a mix between spagniel breton and pirenaic mastiff (still wonder how a big male like a mastiff made it with a really petite spaniel ^_^) The worst about this breed is his personality outside, sooo nervous, so hunty, so running and sooo playful. They are extremelly clever, extremely friendly (when properly socialiced) and really charming...they are as good or even better as labs. Bart have proven his good aptitudes as hunter, as home guard, as owners best defensor against other dogs (it has never attacked humans, but have barked and shown aggresive actitudes, like groaring or grins, and never showed its teeth to humans), as therapy dog and even as a sheppard dog, reuniting sheeps soo perfectly than the sheeps owner asked us how we had trained it so good...and we had to confess we had never trained it, and had no idea where it had learned, unless its genes from his mom's antecessor (pirenaic mastiffs, the almost only dogs who dare to confront a wolve's pack). Hope your dog is now a happy adult that doesn't drive you crazy when it's changing hair (mine does it twice a year and it's annoying). I love its hair sooo soft and brilliant, but we have to comb it weekly or more, and when changing it daily and even twice a day...and detangle it sooo often, and bathing it each two months...people gets amazed when sees it, and touches its, even when it's nearly bath day, seems clean though I know it has ten tons of mud on it!!! XD how's going with yours??? it'd be interesting to know as we share the same breed :D Hey there is an interest called irish setters. Hope to find you there :D
• India
17 Jul 10
Recently i got an irish setter to my home which is 15 months of age. It is so cute and very active. It is very very friendly to humans and just like lab as you mentioned. My irish setter always chase cats. She is very good to lock and catch a cat. She shout like a devil which in sometimes be very funny to hear. Eventhough this breed has lot of hair, i never faced hair fall problem with her. This breed is naturally non aggresive, as stated by wikipedia. I hope you would have enjoyed and had much great time with your 3 years irish setter, to current date. Have a nice time!