How to get rid of the internet?

March 4, 2008 9:32am CST
Several weeks later,I have two very important examinations to take.But I have already form the habbit that surf the internet until it is very late in the night.Sometimes,even if I have nothing to do on the internet.And I get used to sleeping very late in the night.I have no idea about myself.
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@Reyah23 (641)
• Philippines
4 Mar 08
Im also experiencing that, there are times that i cannot resist the temptation of using my pc. So what i need to do is to focus my mind on my priority, and that is my job. And i dicipline my self, i gave my self a certain time to use my pc.
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• China
8 Mar 08
I think I also should focus my mind on other things instead of only computer.I need time to study,to go out with friends instead of just sit behind the computer and surf the Internet all day.
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
4 Mar 08
You don't have to get rid of the Internet. Just have to unplug the modem and router and just throw them away. I'm sure it would help as you won't be able to access the Internet after that.. If you can't control your urge to surf the Net, no one can help you...
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• China
8 Mar 08
Yes,maybe what you say are right.I hope I can control myself but now it is midnight in our China ,I still is surfing the Internet.I really cannot bear myself.