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March 4, 2008 5:34pm CST
I have 2 little sisters, one i dont see at all and the other that i see twice a week but she calls all the time. My sisters and I have different mothers and my youngest sister lives with her mother. I call sometimes and talk to her but her mother always has some dumb excuse on why she cant bring callie(baby sister) to town. It really gets on my nervves. Callie and I were so close. We were like best friends. I was her role model until things went down when my dad went to jail. What should I do about it? I want to see her soo bad. I still have her xmas, birthday, and valentines all in the top of my closet still... Now the next to youngest sister lives with our aunt dianne and she seems to be getting along fine. my only problem with her is that her and my fiance dont really get along and all she calls for is to whine and complain when i cant come see her. Plus she has really filthy language and i really dont want my children around that type of talk. Whats your opinion on this also?
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@dreamy1 (3812)
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4 Mar 08
Can you get her a cell phone just so she can call you? What about keeping in tough through skype or email, IM? Is there any reason why you think the mother doesn't want you to contact your sister?
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5 Mar 08
shes only eleven years old. her mother will not let her have a cell phone...shes just being a butt about all this stuff..