How many times do you work out a week?

United States
March 4, 2008 7:58pm CST
I try to work out 3 times a week but it doesn't always happen. I wish I can work out more often. Now that the days is a little longer I might be able to get to work out more often
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• India
30 Jul 08
I do mild workout 5 days a week, taking breaks on monday and tuesday when my schedule is quite hectic. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and I do it at home.
@zeloguy (4913)
• United States
29 Jun 08
I work out five days a week... my schedule goes as follows.... Monday -- Cardio Tuesday -- Trainer Wednesday -- OFF Thursday -- Cardio Friday -- Trainer Saturday -- OFF Sunday -- light cardio I have been doing this for four months and it has seemed to work very well for me. Since I am doing strength training with my personal trainer, I take a day off (of training) the days after I see her. More important than how often I work out is HOW I work out and what I eat. For three months I did not lose one single pound and then by changing my diet to a low glycemic diet I lost ten pounds with almost no trouble at all. Great question Thanks Zelo
@megumiart (3780)
• United States
22 Apr 08
I try to exercise an hour everyday, usually in the morning. :]
• Serbia And Montenegro
14 Mar 08
I work out sometimes once, sometimes twice or maximum tree times a week, depend on how much time I have or on my mood. I am very slim and I have type of a body that reach tightness of muscle very fast, so I don`t need to do exercise very often. I am doing just exercise for arms and abdomen. When I started doing work out I had loose abdomen and a little more volume of waist when I compare it with my hips. I working abdomen every day in first seven days and they become tight and I lost one inch in volume. Now I am doing work out one or two times a week just to keep a good form and good look.
• China
5 Mar 08
I keep working out more than 40 times a week,now it has become my habit and if I do not do like that,I will feel uncomfortable.
@clinsbull (193)
• China
5 Mar 08
i work out about two hours a day for two days a week.when i con ,sometimes it is about one hour.but if i have to do somethings,i will get more time to spent.when i fix my washing machine,i will spent a few hours.if my neighbor take his radio for me ,when will take two hours fix it .
• India
5 Mar 08
well i work out 6 days a week . might be i will incrse for one or two montha and after these two months i will leave it.