My problem is that I have low cholestrol

United States
March 4, 2008 8:01pm CST
I went to the doctor last week for a check up and she told me that I have a problem. My problem is that my good cholestrol is very low, way below recommended. I am at high risk of heart attack as someone who has normal good cholestrol and high bad cholestrol. The thing is that good cholestrol helps you get rid of bad cholestrol. So if you don't have good cholestrol, your bad cholestrol will stay in your body.
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@walijo2008 (4646)
• United States
9 Apr 08
Yep, sorry to say, but you should start exercising more. People don't like to hear that, but thats one way to get your good cholesterol up. Did your doctor mention that to you?
• United States
8 May 08
P.S. you probably should start taking Niacin, but you should ask your doctor first. My good cholesterol is low too, and my doctor told me start taking Niacin, but its awful cause it makes you flush in the middle of night, you'll wake up feeling like your on fire, I've had to actually take a cold shower in the middle of the night, cause I got so hot. But they do sell niacin, that doesn't have those side effects, so I'm going to look for that...
• United States
3 Oct 08
It has been 6 months since you commented on this problem with low cholestrol. I have the same thing and just found out about it yesterday. What have you done about your problem and what has worked? Lucy
• United States
5 Mar 08
Try having syndrome X. I have super high triglycerides, extremely low good cholesterol, and high bad cholesterol. You should be exercising and taking Omega 3 fatty acids with DHA to help raise your good cholesterol.
@siZidni (1860)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 08
hi fadimichael i feel sorry to know this. but i am worry for my own health, since i haven't checked mine for more than 3 years. well, what was your doctor recommendation to increase your good cholestrol? were you suggested to do some excercises?