How do you PURSUE your HAPPINESS? ahahah

March 4, 2008 8:31pm CST
I think, the question is quiet difficult since happiness is also has no specific meaning. Happiness for one person "may" different from others... From the movie PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, i learned that life is not that simple, but live in it should be simple and we should have time and share our joy for other persons we love, even we also not that full happy... I pursue my happiness from the way i treat myself and treat people. I work hard to finish my medical lab program with extra effort, that i can bring proud to my family...
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• Australia
5 Mar 08
Yes, you are right, happiness for one person is different for others. My opinion is, to PURSUIT HAPPYNESS means NO happiness. At first, I think happiness is based on some kind of success, career, education, and so on. I managed myself to achieve this for many years. I get better and better, and after every step I made, I find my target is futher not nearer. Recently, I suddenly reallized that I may never get so-called success, and even if I can, after that, I may have no time to enjoy my life. So, I think the most important thing is, love the people you love, from now on. After that, I really find it's diffierent. Sometimes only a small action, like a box of chocolate, an underatanding smile, can change you life. I am really glad that I didn't realize it too late!
@xialinye (1403)
• China
5 Mar 08
good for you~~i am appreciate it~~ happiness is no specific meaning,even the poor can also have happiness.i guess if we are easy to satisfy,we will enjoy our you agree?