People are becoming self centric

@andyvish (901)
March 4, 2008 10:52pm CST
I think so. In todays world, people think more about self and their own family. They increasingly think less about their society and the atmosphere in which they are living. It is definitely bad. I think.
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@sdaimei (56)
• China
1 Apr 08
exactly. People become more self-centered than ever. What are the reasons? We live in a society so full of information, good information and bad one, true one and false one, we get confused by them. We don't know what to believe. The ancient wisdom are challenged everyday. We just feel we can believe nothing from the outside. So we we believe what is ourselves. Moreover, the world endorse competition so much that people begin to compete everywhere. We see enemies fron everywhere. Since all others are enemies, how can we believe anyone else. Just believe ourselves, on one else, in case we be attacked. Beware, beware. people say to themselves. It is definitely a bad trend. But I can't see anyway out if people still think competition is good for our society. So don't sing for competition any more. Back to a simple life, right now!
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
5 Mar 08
well with the current situation where things have become so tight for so many life has suddenly become a sort of a jungle where only the fittest and the most selfish survives it,unfortunately people have become what they are not but it takes a conscious action on our part to maintain that balance between our family and the society
• China
5 Mar 08
Yes , I agree. Nowadays, though the people work or study together ,their relationship is not corresponding with it should be. The reasons are various, people always like to make friends in the internet instead of communicating with the people around them, what is more, people always not trust other. Being self centric has become a tendency and it will be hard to change.