Why People Can't Get Enough of Music?

Zaragoza, Spain
March 5, 2008 7:20am CST
As a DJ, it's my job to play all the requested songs of our listeners...i have to answer their calls and listen to what's their favorite music...at first, i am really enjoying my job, because it's always been my dream to become a DJ...music really is my passion ever since...and it's really cool because i can play all my favorite songs, and my listeners requested songs as well... But there's this one person who always call and request for his song all the time...everytime i played his favorite song, he would call after the song ended and he would request for it to be played all over again...i just can't played that song again because it's already been played, and it's the company's policy not to play a song which has been played already...so i told him that it can be played but he has to wait for another 2 hours, for that song to be played again...time after time he became so annoying which is not really good... Actually, a lot of people i've observed, who really can't get enough of music...i can't blame them, because i was once addicted to music...but they really like to request for their songs and they want their songs to be played all over again... Do you know why people can't get enough of music?
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
5 Mar 08
Some people are strange... If they like one song that much... you would think that they go and buy it... so that they can listen to it as much as they like. But if it is a brand new song... they could request it in order to promote the album. That person could actually be working for the record company. You never know...
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• Zaragoza, Spain
6 Mar 08
hello there to U...thank you for sharing your beautiful response to my discussion..i really do appreciate it...yes, i do agree with you, some people are really like that, if they like one song that much, they would really go, find it, and buy it to the music store...talking about brand new songs, yeah, maybe the main reason why some people would always request for it, is to promote the album...making people to appreciate and buy it...yeah, i guess you're right, maybe that person is working for the record company, because he's always requesting for that one particular song...i thought it's his favorite...thanks really for sharing...have a blessed day ahead of U...may GOD BLESS U & UR family always!!!
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