We're Seeing the Problems Caused by Open Primaries.

@ParaTed2k (22972)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
March 5, 2008 8:28am CST
Yesterday was primary day for a handful of states. Among them, Texas and Ohio. Those two states both have "open primaries" (where you don't have to be a party member to vote). Hillary won pretty impressively in both states, but can she count on support from either of those states in November? With the Republican nominee sewed up, many Republicans decided to "cross over" and vote Democrat. Did they vote for the candidate they thought would best represent the Democrat party? Nope. What they did was vote Hillary because they feel she will be easier to beat than Obama. So, while Hillary does get the spoils of victory for the Democrat nomination, it doesn't mean a thing come November. In her victory speech she thanked her supporters, which was good of her to do. However, it wasn't her supporters who put her over the top, it was voters who would rather see their guy go against her, for an easier win.
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@gewcew23 (8010)
• United States
13 Jun 08
ParaTed once again nothing good come from borrowing ideas from Democrats. We got John McRino because of the early open state primaries. Even when the Republicans cross the Democrats still got a Liberal. What did it really matter if Hillary beat Obama, a liberal is still a liberal. We had clear different choices. We had Fred Thompson who I think you also supported. We had Rudy which I am not sure what happen to him. There was Huck and Chuck, and who can forget Ron Paul. We are still hearing people campaigning for Ron. The Democrats in NH choose McCain and the rest was history. Boy how I would like to come back to the Republican party. This Libertarian party is full of all or nothing people. Just today I start a discussion in which I said the terrorist at club Gitmo have no rights. A Libertarian here on MyLot who know I am also a Libertarian instructed me on the LP's position on Club Gitmo. Sorry but I do not base my believes on what the LP website tell me to believe. Oh only if I could vote for John McCain. One problem is he would close Club Gitmo, just one of my problem I have with him. Talk you Democrats for picking McCain for me. Oh how I hope one day I can return the favor.