Music can be listened to to suit the mood we are in

@deeeky (3667)
Edinburgh, Scotland
March 5, 2008 8:37am CST
it has a way of making us forget for a while the problems that we may be faceing at the time and is a great way to relax and takes our mind elsewhere. My favourits are the pop hits of the fifties and sixties. What is your kind of music for your moods?
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
6 Mar 08
Well yes, in fact it is considered as one of the best way to relax our minds. It also acts as a therapy for stress, the calmer the music is the more we feel relaxed and worry-free. I do listen to some 50's and 60's music, but I could say that I listen to any type from any era as long as I could dig it!;)
@deeeky (3667)
• Edinburgh, Scotland
6 Mar 08
Yes it does make a difference if the music is likeable from any era. There are some great music tracks and great artists from all the eras and long may they keep coming.
• United States
6 Mar 08
If im in a lovey dovey mood i always turn to country music or hip hop. if im in a happy moood i like christian and SOME heavy metal and if im in a dancing mood i like to listen to more hip hop and rap.. My fav that i listen to on an everyday basis is punk rock
@Darkwing (21588)
6 Mar 08
I like lots of different music... ranging from some classical pieces, even as far as to heavy metal and folk metal. Some of the Viking Folk Metal is great... and Irish Folk, completely in contrast, has a gypsy feel to it. I love the combination of fiddle and guitar. Viking Folk Metal stirs my emotions but in a more fiery way than Irish Folk, which carries me away on the wind, if you like :). Van Morrison's version of Madame George from the Astral Weeks Album, is a good example of this. The background music is kind of mystical, and magickal, and I can drift off with it. Naturally, I like Pagan Music of several types, in which, I suppose, Celtic includes Irish Folk, but there is quite a range of Pagan Music too. This type of music relaxes me, as does some Classical Music. I like some of Motzart's compositions and also some of Bach's. Soul Music and Modern Country and Western is quite high on my list as well, oldies, from the 60s and 70s, and along the way some individual artists have stuck with me. Van Morrison, Elvis Presley, The Four Tops and Billy Fury are four of these, but there are many, many more, who've lived through time. Nowadays, I have a collection of various artists, male, female, bands, folk groups, classical, country and western, soul, rock, pop, you name it. It all serves a purpose, and soothes the troubled soul. "If music be the food of love... play on!" :) Brightest Blessings, my dear friend. x