do u take revenge ....or would u leave it to God to take action?

March 5, 2008 9:42am CST
Suppose someone had caused some unhappiness or hurt u badly without ur mistake. U are very angry on that person and u really want him to answer for ur trouble and suffering. Do u take revenge ? OR would leave it to God saying that "God will see that he/she is punished " and quietly go with ur business?
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@ayou82 (3459)
• Philippines
5 Mar 08
I never like to make revenge to those who hurt me for i am not authorised of doing so.. I just leave in God's powerful hands everything
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
5 Mar 08
Hello,manish!if some body hurt me physically or wounded my sentiment i would prefer to leave it to God to decide because it was the will of God that i suffered through that fellow.if i would take revenge and do some thing wrong to that man what difference then lie between that man and it is better to be left to God to decide punishment.thank you.
@Markos007 (126)
5 Mar 08
I usually leave it to God,because it`s not good for carma and later it happens it`s sweeter.But I must admit,although I`m not revengeful,when someone hurt me at that moment I`m very angry.