March 5, 2008 12:41pm CST
How do I delete a conversation that I have started in the past? That has not been successful persay? Is there a way to delete it or must it stay on? Thanks!
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@deedee30 (432)
• Spain
5 Mar 08
Once it is posted then it is there for everyone to see for all eternity! be careful when you are posting lol
• Canada
5 Mar 08
Yes! I agree, I should really be careful. ahahahaha I never really thought about that, but it's pretty funny. LOL
@dierdre (2207)
• Philippines
5 Mar 08
well contrary to what the others have said, yes it is true that you cant remove any discussions that you have started in the past, but in my case when i tried to post my referral links, the next day the admin deleted my discussion and my replies to other discussions that have my referral links in it. obviously posting ref. links arent allowed. but a few days later, even when i started a discussion that DOESNT contain any referral links, (i was just telling the readers to PM me if they are interested)they deleted it, and i noticed that my previous discussions from the year 2007 that got no replies (even if the topic is purely adherent to the guidelines) got deleted as well, along with my other posts containing referrals, that had replies, that was when mylot still allowed referral links to be posted in forums. so there,just sharing with you what i have experienced regarding post deletion, maybe one day if mylot inspected your account maybe they might delete your posts that have zero replies.